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Portchester Community School

Accelerated Learners

Accelerated learners are well supported at Portchester Community School. These students are identified by test scores at Key Stage 2 and on entry into Year 7. Other students are identified by their subject teachers as being particularly gifted in their subjects.  Portchester Community School, like all schools nationally, is required to keep a register of these students. The attainment and progress of Accelerated Learners on this register are continually monitored by their subject teachers and the Accelerated Learners Coordinator to make sure they achieve their full potential. Interventions are put in place where necessary with specific targets for underperforming students. 

There are many opportunities for Accelerated Learners at Portchester Community School to broaden their horizons.  Students have been able to write to and share stories with students in Mongolia and have been involved with spelling bees in Modern Foreign Languages and Sky Sports’ Living for Sport projects in P.E. They have had the opportunity to work with a Fine Arts graduate in Art, have attended The Clothes Show through textiles and had the opportunity to study Statistics in Mathematics. This is in addition to a range of extra-curricular clubs and lessons on offer across the curriculum, as well as differentiated learning experiences during lesson time. 

At Portchester Community School, we like to provide students with the necessary guidance on the types of careers that are out there and how to be successful in whichever avenue they choose. Below is a list of websites that you might find useful as well as a list of celebrities that attended university and then went on to have successful careers. Some of them are quite surprising! Exam time is rapidly approaching and Year 11 students will be part of a mentoring scheme to ensure that their targets are achieved. We will also be visited by the Outreach branch of the University of Portsmouth to discuss the options open to students lower in the school and to help raise students’ aspirations. 

Successful Confident Responsible! 




Michael Jordan – Cultural Geography  Ricky Gervais – Philosophy
 Eva Longoria – Kinesiology   Emma Watson – English Literature
 Gerard Butler – Law       Chris Martin – Ancient World Studies
 J.K. Rowling – Classics   Ashley Judd - French
 Sir Chris Hoy – Sports Science  Jonathan Ross – Modern History